Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Process to Rent an Apartment?
  1. Call to see if there are any available apartments for rent
  2. Call to Schedule a viewing of the apartment with the on site Property Manager
  3. The application is given to you once you have toured the apartment
  4. Submit an Application with application fee and wait for approval (1-2 Business days)
  5. Once approved, fill out paperwork and provide move in payment (first and last month rent less application fee)
  6. Keys will be provided by the on site manager once the paperwork is submitted, paid in full, and all utilities are switched over into your name 
How Long is My Lease?

Tenancy is Month to Month.

There is no Yearly lease. 

What Utilities are Included and How do I pay them?

Each Complex has a different situation when it comes to utilities. Some locations have all utilities included and some have none.

To pay your electric bill, call Eversource (877) 659-6326 to transfer the account to yourself. You can also go to Eversource  to transfer the account to yourself

What are the Application Fees?

Application Fee is $200 dollars and is due with your complete application. If you are accepted, the fee is used towards your first payment. If you are unfortunately denied, the $200 is returned to you. The only time Tinkham Management would retain the application fee is if you are accepted, proceed to move forward, and then back out last minute. 

How far In advance do I have to give Notice?

We require a 30 day notice to vacate. That helps us fill out the required paperwork to finalize your move out, schedule our maintenance crew to ready the apartment for the next tenant, and make sure that if money is owed to you, that you receive the proper amount back. 

Are there any plans to update the building?

As time goes on, we are updating and upgrading the buildings on a as needed biases.

How do I pay rent?

You have a few options to pay your rent. The easiest way is to  pay  online through your resident portal. You can pay by either credit card or by direct deposit. There is a service charge for using a credit card. 

You can also mail in your rent to our corporate office at 66 Industry Ave, Springfield, MA. We accept cash, check, and money orders. We do recommend sending your rent  few days in advance of the 1st of the month to give to to the mailing process to avoid being late with the rent. 

Lastly, you can physical come into the corporate office and drop off your rent in person. Once again cash, check, or money order are  acceptable forms of payment. 

What are my Lease Terms?

The lease terms are the general guidelines which tenants agree to follow before moving in. A full list of terms are provided to new tenants to review and sign the paperwork agreeing to them.

What is the Screening Process?

A full background and credit check is run on all persons over the age of 18. We may also ask for a landlord reference. 


No it is not, but it is highly recommended.

What is the Parking Situation?

All Complexes have parking space for tenants and a few complexes have assigned parking. To find out which complexes have assigned parking, look under the amenities section of each complex’s page. 

What is Pet Policy?

There are no Pets allowed.


Yes we do.

How Do Maintenance Requests Work?

Every Complex has work slips placed at a designated locations. Fill out the work slip and return it to the designated location. Our property managers check to see if there are new work  slips everyday. If it is an urgent issue like a burst pipe, please call the office.

If you are registered online, you can submit a maintenance ticket online and the property manager will be notified. 

What is the Smoking POlicy?

The is no smoking allowed. 

What Changes can I make to the apartment?

There are to be no changes to be made to the apartment. Actions like painting a room, or  moving a door are prohibited. 

When is Rent Due?

Rent is do at the 1st of every month. If the 1st of the month land on a Saturday, Sunday, or a national holiday, it is then due the next business day. 

What is the Guest Policy?

Each Property Manger has their own set of rules when it comes to guests. to further inquire about the guest policy, please speak to one of our managers 

What are the Move in Fees?

Before you can get your keys from  the property manager, you must pay your first and last month rent less the application fee.  There are no other move in fees and no security deposit. If you are moving in mid month, you will be prorated for your time in the apartment. 

How Do I registrar for the resident portal?

Once you are approved, Tinkham Management will need your email to activate your account. When your account is activated, you will be emailed instructions of how to registrar and setup your account. Your username will be the email that you provided Tinkman Management. 

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